A covering with walls can have several functions. Perhaps you want privacy or a wall is required from an aesthetic point of view because of the appearance of the house. Security can also be a consideration by being able to close the covering with a lock in the wall. Whatever the reason, there are various types of walls that make it possible to close your roof and which can be locked or unlocked. Moreover, by adding walls you create a garden room, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as much and as long as possible.

  • Wedge window + aluminium tongue-and-groove wall

  • Glass sliding wall system + aluminium rebate wall

  • Spigot frame + glass sliding wall system

  • Window frames + aluminium rabat wall

  • Aluminium tongue-and-groove wall

  • Wedge window + aluminium tongue-and-groove wall

Longer heat experience under your canopy

Less bother from insects

Configure your dream canopy yourself

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Glass sliding wall system

Possible with 8mm or 10mm tempered safety glass

With stainless steel handles

10 mm glass possible with a locking mechanism

Deeper lower rail, for the lowest possible threshold

Always made to measure

Flexible sliding options

Clear view for optimal visibility

Metal doors

Equipped with 4 mm tempered safety glass

Different handles applicable

Many glass compartments possible

Standing (bottom-rolling) or hanging sliding door system

Can be fitted with soft close

Always made to measure

Folding wall

Equipped with 8 mm laminated safety glass

Can be operated inwards or outwards

Can be operated to the left or right and from the middle

Always made to measure

Possible with a profile cylinder and lever

Maximum opening and slimline views

Spigot frame

Material: polycarbonate or glass

Types of polycarbonate: transparent (heat resistant) and semi-transparent (heat resistant)

Types of glass: (heat resistant) transparent glass and (heat resistant) opaque glass

Always made to measure

Aluminium tongue-and-groove wall

Possible in combination with a wedge frame

Permanent shelter from wind and rain

Low-maintenance and durable

Always made to measure

Shielding and privacy

Laminated panels

Material: full aluminium or wood/aluminium

Available with fixed or adjustable slats

Always made to measure

Determine the amount of light and ventilation yourself

Sun protection

Shielding and privacy

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